How to fix Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Interference

A wireless keyboard and/or mouse can be quite convenient, and a seemingly endless source of frustration. Here's how I solved my own wireless keyboard interference problem. I have a Logitech S510 keyboard and mouse combo.

Steps to troubleshoot a wireless keyboard and/or mouse

  1. Check for other wireless devices operating on the same frequency range. Most likely, this would be another wireless desktop. This set, and apparently all non-bluetooth wireless desktops operate at
    27 mHz. This means that wireless networks, mobile phones, Bluetooth
    radios should not cause any interference. All of these operate at much
    higher frequencies.
  2. Test the wireless keyboard or mouse in another environment. The source of my interference was the Plasma TV that was the computer's display. Moving the wireless keyboard and mouse to another location (another computer) proved that the devices worked properly.
  3. Predict the source of interference, and test it. Once I believed the TV was the source of interference, I tried to type with it turned on and then with it turned off. The keyboard and mouse behavior was consistent with the operation of the TV.
  4. Move the wireless receiver, keyboard and mouse away from interfering devices. I moved the receiver to the floor, tucked out of the way. A USB extension cable was very useful to position the wireless receiver away from the Plasma TV that was causing RF interference.

Let me know how you solved your wireless keyboard interference problems in the comments below.


We have used wireless keyboards and mice for many years, and each time we have 'upgraded', we have had more issues.  Three of us have computers in one room, and all use Logitec keyboards/mice.  My daughter's keyboard interrups my keyboard's signal (and vice versa), although we do not actually wind up typing on each other's screens, thank goodness.  Our Mice have the same issue; if one person is using her mouse, the other person's signal is interrupted.   Ym husband does not have the same issue, and is the same distance from each of our computers.  We all have different models (of different eras).  So far, I cannot find a way to do any kind of fequency adjustment, and our computers cannot change positions.



Hi durden

I have the ACER aspire 4820T that comes with bluetooth inbuilt. I have the Microsoft bluetooth mouse 5000. I have always been using it with no problems. Suddenly it stopped working.

As usual, I thought I can just re-installing it by using the pairing function under the bluetooth panel "Add a device". Best part is the wizard just keeps going and never stops. My mouse is already in pairing mode.

Next check under devices/printers and believe it or not, it appears as indicated. However under the bluetooth control panel (Show Bluetooth devices), no mouse. In the devices & printers panel, the mouse shows up.

I cannot use the mouse or do a manual installation.

I have also tried to upgrade the drivers for the bluetooth and still not working. Tried the mouse with another computer and no problem. Can anybody advise how to do a reset of the bluetooth module or settings?

Short of a complete reinstallation of win 7 (which I hope to avoid just for one mouse), I have run out of ideas.

Hope somebody can render any insight as to how to resolve the issue.

Durden, did you contact Acer support about this? I tried to but they just blame the mouse and software? Any luck on your side?

Thanks for reading.