Month-over-Month data in Splunk

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I've been working with Splunk Enterprise a lot lately (and it's very powerful and easy to use!). In many situations, it is useful to show some metric compared to the same metric a month ago (or some other time period).

One way to accomplish this is with the community-supported Splunk app, Timewrap. I couldn't get Timewrap to output the data as I wanted, so instead here's the approach that I used.

Here's my goal:

Splunk Screenshot

Before we compare data from the current period to the previous period, we need to ensure the dates are consistent. This example compares data from the current day to a previous day. If you want to compare current month/year to previous month/year, refer to the Splunk documentation for the bin command.

index=foo | bin _time span=1d

Now we use the stats command to perform the comparison.

| stats count(eval(relative_time(now(), "@d")=_time)) as "Current Period" count(eval(relative_time(now(), "-30d@d")=_time)) as "Previous Period" by category


  • For "Current Period", count the events where the _time field is equal to midnight today. Remember, we just standardized all events to equal midnight of the respective day.
  • For "Previous Period", count the events where the _time field is equal to midnight 30 days ago.

If this is useful to you, or you have any more suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.