How to fix Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Interference

A wireless keyboard and/or mouse can be quite convenient, and a seemingly endless source of frustration. Here’s how I solved my own wireless keyboard interference problem. I have a Logitech S510 keyboard and mouse combo.

Steps to troubleshoot a wireless keyboard and/or mouse

  1. Check for other wireless devices operating on the same frequency range. Most likely, this would be another wireless desktop. This set, and apparently all non-bluetooth wireless desktops operate at 27 mHz. This means that wireless networks, mobile phones, Bluetooth radios should not cause any interference. All of these operate at much higher frequencies.
  2. Test the wireless keyboard or mouse in another environment. The source of my interference was the Plasma TV that was the computer’s display. Moving the wireless keyboard and mouse to another location (another computer) proved that the devices worked properly.
  3. Predict the source of interference, and test it. Once I believed the TV was the source of interference, I tried to type with it turned on and then with it turned off. The keyboard and mouse behavior was consistent with the operation of the TV.
  4. Move the wireless receiver, keyboard and mouse away from interfering devices. I moved the receiver to the floor, tucked out of the way. A USB extension cable was very useful to position the wireless receiver away from the Plasma TV that was causing RF interference.

Let me know how you solved your wireless keyboard interference problems in the comments below.