Page numbers in Word 2007 still don't work correctly

I tried to combine a simple two page Word 2007 document with a two page PDF. The word document had page numbers in the footer, like “Page 1 of 2”. I combined these documents into a PDF through the Windows Explorer right-click menu – “Combine supported files in Acrobat”.

In my new PDF, the page numbers were displaying incorrectly. These are the page numbers from the Word document. The page numbers said “Page 1 of 1” on the first page, and “Page 2 of 2” on the second page.

The solution? Convert the Word document to a PDF separately, then combine the files into one PDF. If you turn on Pages Navigation Panel in Acrobat, you can drag and drop the additional documents (not just PDF) into the Pages panel where you want them to appear.

Yes, this is similar to the issue that plagued Word 2003 for so long: